Sunday, October 2, 2011

David vs Goliath

Establishment Republicans are desperately trying to save their position as the ones that dictate who the next primary winner will be. For many moons, the establishment types basked in the glory of crowning the next "king" by a system of seniority, a la Dole and McCain, or by political connection, as represented by G.W.Bush. Presently, the preferred stock includes Romney and Perry. There is a problem, though, for the establishment this time. Despite all the well placed DC beltway professional GOP advocates, constantly droning on about the two man race in every media outlet, the momentum has shifted away from Romney and Perry. The Tea Party effect is turning the status quo on its ear. Big money is not controlling the poll results or the debate results. As the campaigns roll on, a self made successful businessman in a rented bus, on a shoestring budget is rising to the top of the field and now is within reach of changing the game altogether. The likes of Carl Rove and Bill Kristol are beside themselves. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Will Herman Cain make it all the way? Time will tell. The business of dirty politics will almost certainly be on display in the next few weeks and months, with the sole goal of derailing the Cain Train. Hold on tight, Mr. Cain, because the old guard will be gunning for you.


  1. I won't vote romney or perry. If that's who the right chooses, then they deserve oblabber again. I'm writing someone in in this scenerio, probably Bachmann.