Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am not afraid.

There is a new "tool" in the shed of liberal nanny-ism. AttackWatch is the name and it is yet another snitch site on the web where someone can report acts of truth telling (talking bad about Obama, exposing administration lies/faults, general opposition to Obama policies, etc.). Surely this post will end up on this tattle-tale site. Yes, I am guilty of having opposing views of the Obama administration, because I happen to believe in freedom of speech and liberty. My ramblings here on this blog are my opinions and solely belong to me. I share my thoughts freely to anyone that cares or is curious. This is still America the last time I checked and until the men in dark suits come to pay a visit, I will continue to opine.
Looking back a few years, the blogging world was completely dominated by those on the left. The Huffington Post is one example of how large and in charge these guys were, and I can recall quite a few attack blogs on President G.W. Bush, coming directly from the HuffPo site. I do not recall anyone on the right creating a snitch site for reporting "Bush bashing". Conservatives generally respond to negative attacks against them by simply defending themselves in the press and the public via town halls, speeches, newspaper editorials, interviews, etc., rather than collecting names and information about those who oppose them. Hit lists are for mobsters.
The Republic is under attack. Freedom and liberty have been targeted as "the enemy". In the rush for fundamental change of our country, few here realized just how deep the change was going to be. As long as there are folks that can speak freely, we as a nation have a chance to save this republic. Failure to defend our values, our Constitution, our liberties, and our way of life would be no less than treason.

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