Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CNN Tea Party Republican Primary Debate, my observations.

I watched this debate in its entirety, single-handedly giving CNN a big boost in its ratings. I witnessed the sheep being separated from the wolves.  Finally, there was some distinction revealed between the candidates. Huntsman showed his liberal progressive side enough that he was a non-factor. Mitt Romney looked like a big goofy "Ken Doll", despite having a real jobs plan, and was pounced upon by everyone. Perry.....okay, where is the candid camera hidden?.....looked psychotic by his facial expressions and endless shifting and dancing around. He got clobbered by Bachmann and Santorum over the forced vaccination debacle, and beat up pretty good over his weak immigration record. Newt did really well, as did Cain, Bachmann, and Santorum. My opinion is that Huntsman did the overall worst, with Perry and Romney both suffering badly. Oh, Ron Paul....well let's just say that Congressman Paul is consistent and will only keep those devout followers that he already has. Grin

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