Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sink or Swim for Conservatism in 2012

As we wait to see who materializes from the caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire, the weak field that the GOP is offering this time around, struggles to grab the electorate in a way that MATTERS. The excitement and passion felt early on for the outsider, Herman Cain, has fizzled along with his campaign. The Establishment and the liberal left, both got what they wanted-the elimination of a true game changer.

None of the GOP hopefuls left have created any excitement or buzz. Once again the conservatives in the party have been sidelined and told to just go with the candidate that is vanilla enough to satisfy the existing "business as usual good ole' boy country club Republicans". Karl Rove must be proud. The only guy left that can ruin the blue-blood pompous establishment is Ron Paul. The "destroy the front-runner" plan is about to be unleashed on Mr. Paul, just wait and watch.

Whatever the outcome from here, the conservative wing of the GOP has some serious issues to resolve. To regain control of the party and steer America more to the right will be a monumental test of the power of the Tea Party. This will result in either a bloodletting and purge of the ranks, or a massive failure and setback of right wing goals for a long, long, time.

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  1. Great prescient post. This is exactly what is happening. None of the remaining candidates get get more than 25% support. New Hampsha is going to further distort things as a majority of democrats vote in the republican primary and we end up with another john mclame election choice.