Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wrestling with Agitators

Not to be confused with wrestling with ALLIGATORS. Agitators are those people that inject themselves into a conversation solely for the purpose of disruption, you know, like "community organizers", militant atheists, anarchists, or communists. Really skilled agitators can come off initially as someone that is truly trying to understand one's philosophy or beliefs, by asking questions from every angle. Eventually, the ruse is unveiled by the lack of listening to well defined answers, and the constant, and ever increasing hostility in every follow up question. You can have a bit of fun with someone displaying this strategy, going round and round, never giving an inch, but eventually you will have to disengage from the conversation entirely or risk a migraine (which would be perceived as a victory by the agitator) This is the moment that you call out the guy and inform him/her of your awareness to the trap that the agitator thinks was set. Just remember, the goal of the agitator is not to understand, it is to disrupt. Proudly announce that your belief has prevailed, and thank the agitator for verifying and reinforcing your stance. Totally ignore any and all responses after doing so and there you have it! The "gator" has been wrestled, shot, and put in the cooler. New boots anyone?

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