Saturday, April 21, 2012

Romney and The Rest of Us

Over the last week or so, the news coverage of Mitt Romney has mostly been focused on non-issues, such as whether or not Mitt's wife has "worked a day in her life" and the treatment of a family dog some years ago, etc. On a more important note, I learned this past week that Romney's chief economic policy advisor is a Keynesian economics professor from Harvard. This is a very real issue. Progressive cancer. The establishment republicans are giddy with their success. Yet....Romney is up against the guy that has governed over the worst economy since the Great Depression BUT CAN ONLY TIE OBAMA in nearly every poll.

Today, I hear that Jeb Bush would consider being on the Romney ticket. Isn't that just swell? While everyone is distracted with the VP pick rumors, I can not help but think that I can not tell you one single issue that Romney is pushing in his campaign. NOT ONE! Where is the slogan we should be chanting? Where is the simple message that we should be sharing with everyone we meet to push this moron to the finish line? Where are Romney's surrogates on all the week-end shows touting his "wonderful " plan for our future? Has anyone else noticed this jarring reality?

Romney has the establishment John McCain types all on board but WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US? Mitt needs every vote he can muster, yet he refuses to embrace anything conservative! I can see a DISASTER in November if this continues.

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  1. I'm really sick and tired of the lame excuses that these Libs come up with about why we must vote for Obama and about how bad Mitt Romney is.
    There people are either deaf or blind or both. How can anyone believe that Obama would not disappoint us after the poor job and all the failed policies that he has had in the past 3 and a half years!
    Obama continues to say what progressives want to hear and then blames Bush's policies over and over again.. He's 2 faced plain and simple and the country is no better off than it was before he took office, in fact maybe worse!!
    The liberals won't admit it but they got suckered in by Obama. I think the country is worse off now than ever before in our history.