Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Little, Too Late??

Today I had an interesting discussion with a young man (my step-son). The topic was "Is our Republic Already Lost?"
He has an interesting outlook / theory about this that I thought I would share with all of you.

While we point out all things we deem to be going on today as unconstitutional, such as Obama's eligibility, executive branch power grabs, lack of a federal budget being submitted in over three years, surrendering sovereignty to the UN, etc., the progressive strategy put into motion in the early 1900's has been the perfect evil plot. The slow, decades long, creeping away from constitutional adherence has finally reached its apex. In fact, the struggle to wrest back the Republic from the grips of Marxism may be too late. The trap has already closed.

Here are the scenarios:
1. Obama wins a second term, the GOP holds the house but does not take the Senate. In this result, we all know that the leftist agenda marches on, and the sky is the limit for Obama.

2. Mitt Romney wins in a landslide. The GOP wins the house and the Senate , but fails to get a filibuster proof majority. The damage done to the economy can not be turned around quickly. Massive cuts to the budget cause mayhem amongst the dependency class. The midterms come around and the GOP loses both houses of congress, due to the lack of patience of the population, which has been stuck in high unemployment, massive home foreclosures, and soaring consumer prices for the past SIX YEARS STRAIGHT.

Either way...the socialist / progressive / Marxist long term assault plan.....wins. Game Over.

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