Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Romney Campaign Strategy

Epiphanies are a rather rare thing in my life, but today I had one. Mitt Romney's lack of enthusiasm and inspiration caused me to wonder what in the world must we on the right do to propel Mr.Milktoast into the highest office in the land? Everyone has offered advice to his campaign but little improvement or fire in the belly has been produced by such encouragement. The "lay low and not create a stir" strategy kind of sucks.

Then it came to me. There was a comedy movie some years back called "Weekend at Bernie's". Instead of relying on the Romney campaign to do the right things, we must visualize Romney as the dead "Bernie", and we will be the ones to prop up the corpse and take the message of restoring America to its roots in the Constitution, directly to the people. Just ignore the rest of the campaign as really ineffective (which they are) and put all of our efforts into conservative superpacs and their advertising, demanding and promoting the end of Obama's socialist take-over, and insisting on Romney,aka,"Bernie"as the solution to the crisis.

Somebody get some sunglasses!

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