Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Run for President?

I have thought a lot about what it would mean to be, or want to become, President of the United States. Think about the mess this country is currently in, and I wonder, who in their right mind would want to even try to fix such an enormous array of problems. Four years of radical change (real deep spending cuts) will be painful. The cure will be necessary, but will take too much time to begin seeing results right away. The next President (that beats Obama) will not enjoy popularity for long, when the reality of the cure becomes apparent to all.

Really, who in the world would want to go through the gauntlet of slime it takes to win the nomination and then face the opposition and their ruthless buzz saw of misinformation? Who would want to subject their family to such things? Is it a desire for power? for historical fame? for fortune for life?

My hope is that the reason would be for the love of an idea, that began with the belief, that Liberty and Individual Rights are worth dying for, and that the defense of these ideals are crucial for our Republic to continue.

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