Sunday, August 7, 2011

From the Living Room to the World

Pecking away at the laptop in my tidy little living room has been therapy for me. Back in late December of this year, I was severely injured on the job. The result was reconstructive knee surgery and a whole lot of lying/sitting around in recovery every since. Watching the news on the cable channels became a daily ritual. CSPAN and Fox News became my friend. CNN and MSNBC became my entertainment, and Jon Stewart my comic relief(mostly). Recently, I decided to start this blog. I was inspired by seeing the Tea Party representatives in the US House standing firm against the crusty old establishment politicians, causing quite a ruckus, and re-instilling in me the notion that principles matter and right is right and wrong is evil. Never have I felt so strongly that a major change in America is upon us and that everyone needs to get involved or risk being devoured by overwhelming domestic circumstances that threaten our daily so-called norms of life. I have written numerous letters and emails to members of congress, sharing my views and opinions, and demanding their devotion to the Constitution. Maybe these messages will be the key to altering the present course of events, maybe not. One thing is certain though, the therapy is working for me and from the living room to the world is the reason.

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