Friday, August 12, 2011

Slim Fast for Washington

The Tea Party has been accused of all sorts of things, terrorism, hostage taking, holding a gun to Chuck Schumer's head, to name a few, all of this stirring the left into a tizzie. Every mainstream media outlet simultaneously came to the same conclusion and just like magic, coined the latest accusatory label that we now have, the "Tea Party Downgrade".  Amazing. Poor old George W. Bush may finally get some blame relief thanks to the Tea Party. With the super committee coming soon to save us all, the realization of just how much will have to be cut out of the bloated government to meet the requirements to get the cherished AAA+ rating back, will be breath-taking to say the least. Most folks will be quite shocked at how much direct impact it will have on their lives. Putting a behemoth like the federal government on a diet will be a daunting task. Everyone will need to see that it is a necessary undertaking, The President will remain in denial and continue to dodge any responsibility for the excessive spending and conveniently try to position himself, as always, innocent and "voting present" on the difficult subjects. Washington DC is about to be put on Slim Fast, but the rest of us will be told by Michelle that we need to lay off the junk food, eat our peas, drink water instead of soft drinks, and live the life of an anorexic super model, whilst she and Barrack munch out on double cheese burgers and chili cheese fries.  Bon appetite!

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