Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eating Elephants

Overcoming political obstructions is not an easy task. If the obstacle is changing the tax code or cutting real spending( as opposed to cutting growth in spending), then the game becomes a talking points war. Tea Party folks want plain, ordinary, recognizable change. This goal is like trying to eat an elephant. There are many ways to eat an elephant, and the trick is finding the most efficient and TIMELY way to do this. The "one bite at a time" method, in theory, will work, but the time factor plays a major role in how effective the results will be. For example, if you cut spending over say 10 years, what does that really do for the present conditions? The reality is that in the 10 year scheme, in politics, "the fix" is in place for future congresses to change/undo/or modify the plan. Any long term plan in politics is really just smoke and mirrors, designed to give politicians an "out" and a way to avoid responsibility.
Tackling a large issue head on, without regard to political cover, takes guts. The reality in our current state of affairs is that the elephant has got to be eaten quickly. There is not enough time to spread out the solution over a long period of time. Passing legislation that is immediate, and without exemptions is the answer. The only way to be insure that congress will put real solutions up for a vote is by implementing strict term limits. A return to citizen representatives is crucial. Professional life long politicians have built the climate we find ourselves in today. The time to demand real representative governance has come. What will you do to help in the struggle to regain our Founder's Republic? Each day that goes by places us all closer to "fundamental change" and a new, less free America. It is time to put on our bibs, sharpen our steak knives, and dig in on a big fat elephant. Bon appetite!

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