Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ballot Box Revolution

What will it take to return our country to government of / by / for the people? How do we get back to Constitutional governance? When will the will of the people be truly represented in Congress? More importantly, is it too late to repair the damage to our Republic?
Grass roots efforts like the emergence of the Tea Party may not be enough. A fundamental change in how everyday Americans view their role in today's world and in how much responsibility the individual has to take on, in molding our nation's future, is necessary. Revolution can appear in many forms and revolution is coming soon. Ballot box revolution is the desired remedy, at least in the short term. The crucial element in this strategy is that large changes are achieved on election day, otherwise the goal falls short. Another important part to the plan is for a strong leader of the movement to come to light. A persona of strong conviction and appeal to the masses, can make all the difference in the strength of the vote. At this moment, I do not see a defined leader in the Tea Party cause. Sara Palin? Perhaps. The timing for such is at hand. There are few windows of opportunity that come along. Someone needs to put on their "big boy" pants and step up. There may not be a set of events in the near future that will be as ideal as the present. There may not be a time that the ire of the people is as united as now concerning ballot box overthrow. Father time will tell.
This primary season will be make or break for those that are trying to save the Republic from disaster. There simply is not enough time to try to change the system incrementally. By then the country will have plunged over the cliff, and I shudder to think what will emerge from the ashes.

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