Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fighting with Crack Addicts

Money and media are driving the results of the supposed front runners in the Republican primary field. Romney has the big pockets. Perry , who the media obviously wants to be front and center, has the weird personality and ability to cause constant controversy. Everyone else is purposely ignored. Once again, the media is attempting to pick the Republican candidate (a la McCain) rather than allowing the party to sort out the front runner through a series of debates. The establishment Republican machine in Washington also contributes to the push for a vanilla candidate through fund raisers that almost never benefit the conservative wing of the party.
Fear of the return to smaller, Constitutional governance is the common denominator for all the above mentioned culprits, both from the left and the right. The love of absolute power is as strong of an addiction as crack cocaine, and Washington is full of power addicts.
The fight for more coverage and support for the rest of the candidate field must come from the people and we should be relentless in this pursuit. Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul deserve to be fully heard, explored, and tested all the way to primary day. To allow money and media to make these decisions for us would be disastrous. The next time you watch the evening news, notice the two names that you hear on the topic of the Republican hopefuls, and imagine all the crack pipes lighting up....

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