Friday, August 26, 2011

Before the Hurricane

Time has come to bug out of my wind zone 2 manufactured home (trailer house) and head over to stay with my father in his wind zone 2 manufactured home (double wide trailer house). Hurricane Irene is knocking on our doorstep. We are all dreading the inevitable power outage and the mess to clean up afterwards. Been there and done that, several times before. Hopefully all the big trees around will stay upright. This will be an interesting weekend. I cannot recall a hurricane that has hit us and rumbled a path of obstruction well into New England. There are a lot of folks in NYC that will experience their first "big blow". One good thing that can come from this though, is a break from all the talking heads droning through the weekend, boring us with who said what on the campaign trail. So, if you live on the east coast, between NC and Massachusetts, put on your big boy pants, grab a few beverages and snacks, and HOLD ON!

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  1. As my blogger buddy, Blue, always says, "Stay safe."