Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time for a Pizza Party

Good ole' Herman Cain blew past both Romney and Perry in the Florida Straw Poll. Everyone was surprised and caught off guard by the news. For once the media didn't get their wishes for the two man show that they have been shamelessly promoting for weeks. The fact is, conservative Republicans do not want establishment politicians any longer. They want someone that will be a strong, Constitution-minded, pro- American economy,  restoration leader. Someone untainted by beltway corruption. Someone with a positive message. Someone you can vote FOR. The mainstream media (even Fox News) are already trying to turn Cain's victory into a story about Perry and "what he can do to stay on top". PPfffffftttttt. The brazen way the media picks sides is nauseating.  Personally, I am hoping for a candidate like Cain to prevail come primary season. Makes me want to go order a.......... pizza!

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