Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Agenda 21 is Here

One of the truly American dreams is to own a piece of land and build a nice house for you and your family. Whether it be in a rural setting or a suburban area, these are the two most desirable locations for most folks. Peaceful living, smaller, less congested schools, roads, and shopping are usual benefits found in the ideal neighborhood. Not so fast! The United Nations passed a program known as Agenda 21, that claims to override the U.S.Constitution and has been quietly embraced by our government. This program will effectively dictate how neighborhoods and future housing developments will be planned, all in the notion that central planning is for everyone's best interest.


Population density will be planned as well as "diversity of income levels" for the inhabitants. No longer will people have the freedom to choose WHO they wish to live near. Social engineering will force section 8 housing to be built even in formerly affluent neighborhoods.  Zoning regulations will be the primary weapon used to accomplish this task. Also, businesses planning to locate in certain areas will have to pass zoning regulations requiring certain population densities in the area and how diverse those populations are, how much "affordable housing" is being served by the business, and how many similar businesses are in the area, etc. Make no mistake, this program is designed to severely limit private property rights and force the concentration of the population into city-like densities. This allows the government the ability to move populations around and push them towards the bigger cities. Once that is accomplished, then the goals of mass transit for everyone can be achieved, automobiles will become less of a necessity, and a myriad of other left-leaning goals can be more easily implemented. This is, indeed, the framework being laid for a socialistic, utopian dream state, and it can be found in every state, town and community in the country.

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  1. This has been in the works since the Clinton days...A bottom up, stealth, Soros, globalist program that goes under the radar. This has been ignored by every GOP candidate except Newt.