Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Jail, Not Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have slowly but steadily grown into a mob of left wing weirdos, dressing as zombies, shouting slogans with no meaning, and causing grief for the people of NYC. The protesters say they will never leave. Their demands were just made public, and were quite juvenile. To be brief, these guys want free everything, all balances on loans and debts of every kind worldwide declared forgiven, all rich people to give up their wealth, the end of capitalism, and a new Star Trek society to emerge. Michael Moore has been sighted amongst the mob, sweating profusely basking in the glory of communist revolution. The union thugs are said to be en route to join in the festivities, too. We all know that the goal of this group is nothing more than agitation. The more radical the participants, the more likely anarchy will come. Somehow, this is all supposed to make sense in the end and lead to social justice (cough,cough), and the world will be "fair" for all. All of this is quite laughable and completely unnecessary. Those who are in the mob are clueless as to how they are being turned into useful idiots, believing that they will change the world and trigger the dawning of a new Utopian age. The opposite will be the result. Social revolutions have been tried over and over in Europe and around the world, yet Utopia never emerges. If freedom loving patriots defend the liberties that have been given us by our forefathers, the Marxist lie of "equal everything" will will die in the streets of New York.

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