Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Betrayed Again

Hello all, and welcome to Conservative Dry Powder. The purpose for this blog is to vent a little steam and try to self illuminate on the state of the country and conservative political direction as 2011 clicks along. I am not a professional writer, nor do I claim such, so please bear with me if my thoughts do not connect immediately (I promise I will try). After weeks and weeks of watching the circus, that is the current Congress, spew the same talking points over and over like some cheesy disco tune, I have come to the conclusion that complete political revolution is the only cure to the stalemate. Republican leadership(or the lack there-of) is the biggest disappointment to me.Yelling and screaming that the Tea Party won and that we should all settle back and bask in the glory of victory is simply nonsense! In fact, it is patronizing and demeaning to assume that we are that dumb. I know a scam when I see one and this debt ceiling extension is a prime example. As the details of what is in the deal come trickling out, my heart sinks even more. I just saw where there is a provision in this deal that takes care of the 2011 budget battle that was supposed to take place after the current recess. Apparently this budget fight has been taken care of by being set up to go the route of "deemed passed" just like the healthcare legislation was done. This prevents a debate and vote altogether and steals the chance for the conservatives to get some spending restraints put on the spend crazy liberals in congress today.
I know, there's not enough Rolaids for the burning in your gut, but there is more...
With the "super committee" part of this deal comes the realization that tax increases will be coming despite how we were assured that there were none. Undoubtedly, the grid-lock factor will cause a cave on the conservative side of the committee to prevent the trigger causing big defense cuts, thus giving Obama the tax increases he wants. Couple this with the deal giving political cover until after the election, and it's a clean win for the left.

Come to think of it, "betrayal" may be too nice of a term.

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