Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who Is The Real Enemy?

Joe Biden agrees with fellow Democrats in a closed door meeting that Tea Party conservatives are "terrorists", Chuck Schumer declares that democrats have a "gun to their head" in debt ceiling negotiations, left wing demonstrators are interviewed at a rally and asked what should be done to the likes of Clarence Thomas, the answers included "put him back in the fields" and "string him up". Is this "tolerance"? Is this "hate speech"?Or is this "enlightenment"?

Painting one's opponent in a negative light is not a new idea, in fact there are many examples of this behavior going all the way back to the Revolution. Truth is best demonstrated by actions, and will always overcome vitriol. I for one try to avoid name calling and demonization tactics in a debate, however, that does not mean that if assaulted, one shouldn't defend one's honor.

Both political parties have reached their respective limits on compromise, and this is the real fly in the ointment. To give up anything in a debate now, is to cease being who you are. The good ole' boy Washington mentality is not going to save them anymore. The 24 hour news cycle, with near instant updates takes away the time needed to create substantial "spin". Survival of the fittest jungle law is about to take over. There will be winners and there will be losers in the coming storms of debate. Mass demonstrations, scattered anarchy, or outright civil war, is possibly in our future. Who is to blame?Who caused the atmosphere for all of this?Who is the real enemy? The answer is all around you. The enemy is the creation of dependency on the government for basic living. The government promises over decades of New Deal and Great Society are painfully obvious. Allowing the dependency to go this far and reach so deep in society by many administrations and many congresses has now come to a head. The real enemy is all of us.

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