Thursday, August 4, 2011


One real problem with trying to make the conservative argument on cutting spending and explaining "inside the beltway budgeting" is that the liberal side of the fight totally fictionalizes the facts of budgeting and explaining their definition of cuts in spending. First, let's define cutting spending. Most folks know that cutting spending means that you spend LESS next year than you spent THIS year. The Washington DC norm for cutting spending means that instead of spending (for example)ten percent MORE next year, you spend eight percent MORE next year. This is referred to as a draconian, mean-spirited, two percent raping of the program, or a substantial "cut". Just think about that for a minute and get the aspirin bottle out. They are serious in this line of thinking and cannot even consider spending LESS next year than was spent THIS year. The term for this twisted logic is called "base line budgeting". The tactic of using snazzy terms like this is to make the conservation so technical that the average citizen does not realize what is going on regarding budgeting. Until conservatives can get this message out to the masses and shine the light of truth on this misleading terminology, the argument with the establishment politicians will be difficult indeed.

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