Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hold The Line

The struggle rages on between the forces of the left and the Patriots, trying to tame the beast of delusional spending and the never ending assault on the Constitution. Media outlets have all chimed in with the "blame the Tea Party" chorus put forth by the President, showing their dedication to the socialist agenda. The fight is just beginning. Establishment Republicans will have to decide whose direction will be followed going forward. The great danger for us all lies in their choice. The freshmen Republicans, mostly Tea Partiers, have clearly shown their dedication to carving a large hunk of spending out of the federal budget, much to the chagrin of Speaker Boehner and his willingness to compromise. Out numbered, and relentlessly assaulted, the freshmen stuck to their principles and nearly won the day. The math in the House was not there to stop the awful habit of compromise. Compromise did not "win" though, it merely delayed the tough choices that will be coming very soon.
The hard part of the struggle is now upon us. We have got to stick together and not bend to the blame attacks that are coming from every direction. Truth is on our side, and the warnings that we have made in the past are coming true now on a daily basis, the latest being the downgrade in the AAA credit rating by S & P. As long as the national debt grows and the uncontrolled spending continues, things will get worse. The election is so far away that bad things are going to happen and the only line of true defense lies with the true conservatives in Congress and their willingness to hold the line.

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