Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Shoot Yourself

Sometimes I wonder why even bother? Today on the Drudge report is a story about a Republican congressman named Steve Chabot, from Ohio. Let me say that I am glad that this congressman is having town hall meetings in his district. He is supposed to. The story goes on to describe the unbelievable manner in which the congressman wanted to conduct the meeting. He asked security to go around and confiscate all cell phones with cameras and all other cameras, and they did. I am sorry, but that to me is going too far. The point of being able to record these town halls is to keep the congressman honest. This kind of behavior smacks of elitism and censorship. It does the conservative cause no good and probably will damage the image of this dude in his own district . How self-destructive can you be?  Police said that the cameras were taken to "protect the constituents". Really? From what? What really frosts me, is a George Soros supported group called "Think Progress" is the media outlet that broke the story. (sorry, I just gagged). Why not just load a political "gun" and point it at your head? Apparently Chabot is good at self inflicted wounds, if nothing else. 

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