Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finding Einstein

Every now and then someone special comes along and makes a mark on this world. Young Taylor Wilson is one such person. At the age of 14, Wilson became the youngest person to ever build a nuclear fusion reactor . This kid is off the charts smart. When I was 14, I was awkward and geeky, and nuclear fusion reactors were not on my list of really cool stuff to do. Heck, I was too busy trying to not get beat up by the jocks and bullies in my school. Nerd-dom for me was a tad less technical than the world of Taylor Wilson. Every government agency that you can imagine, along with super-tech industry and academia is after this guy to be a part of their group. Already, Wilson has used his talent to invent a cheap way to screen cargo shipping containers for radioactivity, boosting our nation's defense against the possibility of terrorists smuggling radioactive materials into our country. I do hope that this kid can make his own way and discover the things that interest him, rather than get swallowed up by some spooky government agency. We as a nation need folks like Taylor to be creative and lead the world in technological discoveries. My point in all of this is, if you come across a kid that has extraordinary talent, encourage them to make use of it, even if it seems a little "out there". You never know when the next Einstein or Hawkins will come along, and life is short.

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