Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Call Me Emperor

Okay, maybe the participation thing was too much to ask on a holiday. I will hereby declare myself supreme Emperor and lay out a plan of prosperity and maximum employment. Here goes.....

1.  Lower the corporate tax rate to a level below that of our major competitors in the world. Allow corporations to   bring their wealth back to the USA without penalty.
2.  Take all unspent stimulus monies that have been scheduled for release in 2012 and beyond, and put it back into the treasury.
3.  Secure our borders by enforcing all existing immigration laws. Swiftly go after all employers that hire illegals and fine them for first offenses, close them down for repeat offenses.
4.  Simplify the tax code and tax everyone's income at 10%, no exceptions, no deductions.
5.  Stop all foreign aid until things at home drastically improve.
6.  Close all unnecessary government departments and scale back all remaining departments to bare minimums.
7.  Repeal ObamaCare and redirect those funds into rebuilding infrastructure.
8.  Cut government employees salaries, including all elected officials, by 10% and tie all future salary  increases to the rate of inflation only.
This is just what I would do in the early going, there would be much more in the way of long term strategy and I will list those later. So, now that you have my plan, please excuse the Emperor while he goes to eat breakfast.

1 comment:

  1. You deserve a good breakfast. Enjoy!

    P.S. Can I be part of your court?? ;-)