Friday, September 9, 2011

We Can Overcome

Thuggery must be growing in popularity these days. Union goons broke into and trashed some equipment and grain at a port. They even held security guards hostage for awhile. All of this was done because the Union lost a bid for a grain contract at the port to a private non-union company. Even more disturbing is that no one was charged in these crimes. The local police did nothing to stop the melee. (perhaps the cops are union guys also?). Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. gives a speech in which he says "Let's take these sons of bitches out!", referring to Tea Party conservatives.
In this age of Youtube postings of fights and gang violence, it will be just a matter of time until blood is spilled during some political rally, speech, or event. It seems, by the rhetoric, that the left is trying to incite violence among its constituents against conservatives on the right. The danger factor is at an all-time high. History has shown us all the results of this kind of escalation and bloody, costly wars were the result. We in the Tea Party must be on guard and resist the urge to respond to violence with violence. Once the violence threshold has been reached, events can and will spiral out of control. This is the text book scenario of how dictatorships and / or communist regimes come to power. We can not allow this to happen. Write your congressman, call your senator, post articles in your local newspaper, attend town hall meetings, organize with others in your local and state level elections, make your voice heard but NEVER reduce yourself to thuggery.

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