Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Politics, War Expansion, Create-A-State, and Exploding Turbans

Okay, it's been one of those weird news days. First there is the continuing saga of Obama's jobs bill, that is more about continued out of control spending and taxing the "rich", than creating an environment friendly to business expansion. Then there is the story of more military being sent to Libya, despite many assurances that there would be no US troops sent there. Also there is the story of the Palestinians throwing up the hail Mary pass for statehood at the UN. But, not to be upstaged by a fellow Muslim, there is the news that Burhanuddin Rabbani, former President of Afghanistan, apparently being killed by a Taliban sympathizer, with.......wait for it.......a turban bomb. What? Really?
I cannot wait for the TSA to start searching turbans at the airports. I am waiting for the coyote to order an anvil from the ACME store, so I gotta go...

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